So What is This About?

Our office is based in the central business district, but we serve clients from a wide variety of locations around Brisbane.

From Bulimba to West End, we welcome anyone who is looking to improve their health and their spine, particularly if you have a dowager's hump solve the problems that have been plaguing them.

There is sometimes a very divided opinion about chiropractors and osteopaths, but we started our company so that we could correct these negative opinions and show the public just how beneficial and effective our treatments are.


As you can probably tell, we focus on just about anything that is causing the body to hurt when it shouldnÕt. One of the reasons that we focus on every part of the body is that we have a unique advantage from combining osteopaths and chiropractors.

Osteopathy is a field that focuses on the soft tissue and the muscles, ligaments, and joints in the body. Using specific and practiced movement techniques and massage manipulations, osteopaths are able to return your muscles to their natural state, and allow the chiropractor to do their work. Once the muscles are relaxed and released, the chiropractor is able to manipulate your solid structure starting with the spine, and the effects will be much longer term than a typical chiropractor. By allowing the osteopath to return the soft tissue to a relaxed state, it greatly reduces the risk of the muscles pulling your bones back into misalignment.

Download our images on dowager's hump and imagine that this is what we could do for you.

There is some great information about kyphosis at Wikipedia.


At Safe Chiropractic Queensland, we look at the big picture so that we accomplish the overall goal: your health and your spine. If you are having reoccurring neck pain from sitting at your desk, chances are that your posture and a variety of trigger points around those muscles are the cause of your problems. A normal doctor might recommend a few neck stretches and subscribe NSAIDs, but that only relieves the pain temporarily. We work on the muscles surrounding the issues, and we analyse important things such as your posture and the structure of your bones. If you try to fix something before the underlying causes are fixed, you will simply be spinning your wheels and wasting time and money. This is an extremely frustrating situation, and we aim to put an end to that frustration.

What we look after

If you are wondering what types of things we treat, here is a list of just a few things that we fix frequently for our clients:

Sports injuries, Work injuries, Neck strain from sitting at a computer all day, Imbalances that can occur from repetitive lifting or movements, Aches and pains that regularly reoccur and cause discomfort, Prehab and prevention (regular alignments, massages to keep muscles loose, etc) and osteoporosis.

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